【HR Announcement for establish the database with the dependents profile 】Please complete the following survey before January 31, 2023

  • 2023-01-10
  • Mariposa Chou

Dear fellow TMU faculty, staffs, and Postdocs,
TMU has amended and announced the implementation for Regulations Governing the Provision of Preferential Medical Treatment for Employees and Other Related Personnel of Taipei Medical University and Taipei Medical University Hospital.
This revision focuses on dependents of none certified (project-based) faculty & staff and postdoctoral research fellow has been included in preferential treatment for medical treatment at affiliated hospitals.
Please complete the following survey before January 31, 2023 to establish the database with the dependents profile.


  1. Please complete the survey before January 31, 2023. The Office of HR will input the information into the HR database before February 6, 2023. If the dependents need to visit the hospitals for medical treatment during 2/1-2/6, please contact the Office of HR.
  1. Faculty, research fellow, or staff, please contact Ms. Mariposa Chou (Ext. 2027) or Ms. Tzu-Yu Chen (Ext. 2025)
  2. Postdoctoral Research Fellow, please contact Ms. Carol Lu (Ext. 2022) or Ms. Abby Liu (Ext. 2066)
  1. One form per one dependent (including ID No., birthdate, etc.)
  2. Kinsfolk Relation record or certificates of employees and family members, along with family members’ identity certificates [such as A(P)RC, Household Registration Transcript, National Insurance Card, etc.]
  3. Please make sure the above documents are prepared before completing the survey. The Office of HR will not be able to add the dependent profile if any of the document is missing.