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International Taskforce

System Development Section,
111-112Academic Year - International Taskforce  (~ July 31, 2024)
Department Location Name Extension Email
College of Medicine 8F., Comprehensive Medical Building  (Rear Building) Joyce Peng 3213
College of Medicine 7F., Comprehensive Medical Building  (Rear Building) Jewel Chu 3119
College of Oral Medicine 1F., The Oral Medicine Building Donald, Tsung-Ta Ho 5153
Ph.D. Program in Drug Discovery and Development Industry, College of Pharmacy 7F., Teaching & Research Building Claudia Chen 6189
College of Nursing 13F., Comprehensive Medical Building  (Rear Building) Noel Wu 6345
College of Public Health 4F., Teaching & Research Building Flora Chang 6502
Master Program in Food Safety,
College of Nutrition
1F., Teaching & Research Building Chun Chuang 7522
Graduate Institute of Biomedical Informatics,
College of Medical Science and Technology
15F., Da-an Campus Peggy Chien 3-1501
Graduate Institute of Mind, Brain and Consciousness (GIMBC) &PhD Program in Neuroscience of Cognition and Consciousness,
College of Humanities and Social Sciences (CHSS)
12F., Da-an Campus Frannie Han 3-1245
College of Management 11F., Da-an Campus Betty  Hsiao 3-1102
International PhD Program in Biomedical Engineering (IPBME),
College of Biomedical Engineering
1F., No.1, Ln. 260, Wuxing St., Xinyi Dist. Emma Wen 7705
college of interdisciplinary studies (i-College) B1F., Auditorium Building Rickie Wu 2856
Center for General Education
Section of Liberal Arts,
Center for General Education
4F., Auditorium Building Frank Li 2663
Department Location Name Extension Email
Board of Trustees 15F., Comprehensive Medical Building (Rear Building) Meg Chu 2001
Secretariat Affairs Section,
3F., Comprehensive Medical Building(Front Building) Charlene Huang 2012
Curriculum Section,
Office of Academic Affairs
4F., Comprehensive Medical Building
(Rear Building)
Hanna Hsu 2115
Admission Section,
Office of Academic Affairs
4F., Comprehensive Medical Building
(Rear Building)
Dylan Liu 2125
Life Guidance Section,
Office of Student Affairs
3F., Comprehensive Medical Building (Front Building) Jun Cheng 2214
Division of Knowledge Services,
2F., Comprehensive Medical Building (Rear Building) Ivy Hsiao 2523
Office Of Finance 4F., Comprehensive Medical Building (Rear Building) Doris Shih 2036
Legal Section,
Office of Legal Affairs 
4F.,  Comprehensive Medical Building (Front Building) Rose Chang 2079
Research Promotion Center,
Office of Research and Development
4F., Comprehensive Medical Building
(Front Building)
Ally Chen 7114
Department Location Name Extension Email
Center for Management and Development Division of International Healthcare Center 17F., Da-an Campus Anita Tsai 3-1762
Office of Business Development 20F., Da-an Campus Alvin Chang 3-2014
Human Resource Services Section,
Office of Human Resources
4F., Comprehensive Medical Building (Rear Building) Vivian C. Lien 2724
Office of Continuing and Extension Education 13F., Da-an Campus Tess Chen 3-1310
Alumni Service Section,
Office of Public Affairs
2F., Dream Way Building Migi Chou 2754
Office Of Data Science 4F., Comprehensive Medical Building
(Front Building)
Doris Lin 2702
IRB, Office of Human Research 17F., Da-an Campus Swallow Chang 3-1725
System Development Section,
Office of Information Technology
16F., Da-an Campus Ricky Lin 3-1610
Teaching & Facilities,
Office of Physical Education Affairs
2F., Gymnasium Alice Lin 2293
Health Section,
Office of Environmemtal Protection and Occupational Safety
1F., Gymnasium Joyce Hung 2251