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Labor-Management Meeting - Representatives

  "The term of office for the representatives of the third Labor-Management Meeting of our university is from June 1, 2022, to May 31, 2026. There are five representatives from both labor and management. The management representatives are represented by relevant business supervisors. The labor representatives are non-regular employees of our university who have been employed since April 1, 2022and are subject to the Labor Standards Act. They were elected through an open vote. The list is as follows:"

                            List of Labor Representatives
No. Name Position Remark/E-Mail
1 Yi-Wen Chen Clerk Labor Representative (elected)
2 Debby Su Clerk Labor Representative (elected)
3 Hsin-Fang Chang Clerk Labor Representative (elected)
4 Ngo Thi Mai Huong Post-Doc Labor Representative (elected)
5 Mantosh Kumar Satapathy Post-Doc Labor Representative (elected)

                       List of Management Representatives
No. Name Position Remark
1 Shu-Ying Chang Vice
Management Representative
2 I-Wen Wu Cheif Secretary Management Representative
3 Chi-Yu Chen Dean of
Management Representative
4 Wan-Chen Tsai Dean of
Management Representative
5 Chwen-Ming Shih Dean of
Management Representative

If you have any needs or suggestions, you can contact the labor representatives listed above.