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Pension Fund (Restricted to certified personnel)

Restricted to faculty and staff who are considered public employees
Insurance agencies: Taiwan Life Insurance (life insurance), Nan Shan Life Insurance (annuities)
Individuals who join pay a monthly fee of 1,250 NTD, which the University shall match. The fund can be claimed upon retirement or when leaving the University.  

Faculty/Staff Social Mutual Fund (Restricted to certified personnel) Upon having served for at least 6 months, certified faculty/staff can apply for marriage, birth, funeral, hospital, major disaster or termination subsidies.
Public Group Insurance (premium paid by the University) Categories: accidental insurance, major illness insurance, accidental health insurance, major burn/scalding, term life insurance, occupational accident insurance, occupational injury insurance, cancer health insurance, daily hospitalization benefit, peace-of-mind care health insurance
Discounted Self-funded Group Insurance Available to: employee and dependents
Lower insurance premium to receive better accidental insurance coverage (including coverage for aviation accidents, specific burn/scalding, accidental injury and disability)
Discounted self-funded Group Travel Insurance Available to: faculty/staff and dependents
Offers travel insurance coverage from Taiwan Life Insurance at the best discounted price
Discount for Visits to Affiliated Hospitals  Personnel: no registration fee, no certificate fee, 70% discount for ward fee
Dependents: 50% discount for registration fee, 60% discount for ward fee, no certificate fee
Free Health Checkup Free health checkup (at affiliated hospitals) for faculty/staff serving at least 1 year at the university
Free Access to Physical/Fitness Events Free access to any physical/fitness events held by the University’s Department of Sports
Free Access to University Courses Free access to attend one credited course per semester
Event Subsidy from the Social Welfare Committee  Join employee travel activities at discounted prices
Discounted movie theater tickets
Travel Subsidies Individuals who have served for at least 3 years and traveling in groups of three or more can received subsidy of 15,000 NTD in a period of 3 years.
Timeframe: August 1, 2019 - July 31, 2022 
Psychological Counseling for Personnel (fully confidential) University personnel shall be provided with diversified psychological consultation channel (free of charge, paid by the University) 

Our school collaborates with the Huaijen Holistic Development Center to provide psychological assistance programs for faculty and staff. These programs offer professional counseling services either via phone or in-person, with a minimum of 8 consultation sessions at no cost (completely confidential and respectful of privacy).
Target Audience: Full-time faculty and staff
Address: 9F, Room 950, No. 2, Section 1, Zhongshan North Road, Taipei City / Exit 7 of Taipei Main Station MRT
Phone: (02) 2311-7155
Service Hours: Tuesday (Tue.) ~ Friday (Fri.) 9:00 AM ~ 9:00 PM / Monday (Mon.), Saturday (Sat.) 9:00 AM ~ 5:00 PM
Huaijen Holistic Development Center Website:

Other Psychological Assistance Resources:

The Ministry of Health and Welfare has launched the "Young Hearts, I Listen" and "Psychological Support Program for Young Adults" on August 1, 112, offering three free counseling sessions to young individuals aged 15 to 30 with psychological counseling needs. For more details, please click on the link.
Taipei City Government Department of Health Community Mental Health Centers:
Do you need counseling for psychological distress? Please call (02) 3393-7885
(on business days from 09:00 AM to 10:00 PM).

Taipei City Psychological Health Resource Map:

Taipei City Mental Health Institutions:

Taipei City Psychological Therapy (Counseling) Centers:

Taipei City Mental Rehabilitation Institutions:

Scholarship and Subsidy for Children of Faculty and Staff Children of faculty and staff studying at this university receives: subsidy for half of the university fee if the faculty/staff has served for more than 5 years; free tuition if the faculty/staff has served for more than 10 years
Childcare Subsidy Childcare Stipend  Faculty/staff with preschool children (0-6 yrs old) can apply for stipend even if the children do not require daycare. 
Contract Incentive  If the personnel’s preschool children receives daycare at a registered daycare facility, and assist the university in signing a new affiliation contract or extension of existing affiliation contract, the personnel shall receive a signing bonus. 
University Facilities
Parking Permit Automobiles: $6,000~$12,000 NTD/semester;
Scooters/Mopeds: $300 NTD/semester
(General Affairs Section, Office of General Affairs)
Heated Swimming Pool Staff: $60 NTD/visit, or $3,000 NTD/6 month;
Dependents: $60 NTD/visit, or $5,000 NTD/6 month      
Free for all faculty/staff on Mondays between 17:30~20:00
Fitness Center $270 NTD/10 visits (original price is $630 NTD). Available for purchase with staff ID. 
Library  Maximum loan of 40 books
Discount with Special Rate at Affiliated Institutes Stores  Discounts at Starbucks in the affiliated hospitals; 7-11 stores in the university/affiliated hospitals; Mr. J Diner; Sunmerry bakery in affiliated hospitals; Gakuden bakery (Wuxing Street), Franz Collection, Tengyang Biotech, and Everhealth Pharmacy
Pacific Business Hotel, Forward Hotel Taipei (Nankang), AT Boutique Hotel (World Trade Center), Brother Hotel, FOLIO Daan Taipei, INNK Hotel, Taipei Fullerton
Daycare Institutes  Discount at over 36 special affiliated daycare institutes