Institute Director Recruitment in the Graduate Institute of Health and Biotechbology Law

  • 2022-11-09
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The College of Humanities and Social Sicences at Taipei Medical University in Taiwan invites applications for Institute Director position in the Graduate Institute of Health and Biotechnology Law

  1. Qualification of the candidate:
       (1) Associate professor (or above) 
       (2) Good education philosophy 
       (3) With work experiences in related fields and academic achievement 
       (4)With leadership and coordination ability 
  2. For those who are intending to recommend (or self-recommend),  please send the resume、letters of recommendation, plans for college (the department or the graduate school) before the deadline June 15th , 2020.

    • Taipei Medical University 
      11031 No. 250 Wuxing Street, Taipei City Taipei 
      Phone: 02-27361661 ext. 2024 Ms. Diane Tang. 
      Fax: 02-23770659
      (Please notify the recruitment unit on the envelope) 

  3. For the blank forms of recruitment please download the attached file.