Application for 'Assistant, Associate, or Full Professor' 【School of Health Care Administration】

  • 2019-09-05
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Application for 'Assistant, Associate, or Full Professor' School of Health Care Administration
Contract type: Full-time
 Ph.D. degree in Dept. of Finance

(Required qualifications)

(1)Individual empirical (medical industry financial management, managerial accounting) as a field of expertise.
(2)Can teach the courses of medical management of cost accounting, financial management, managerial accounting.

(3)With the medical industry related research author.
(4)As a Postdoctoral Fellow more than four years or teaching experience is preferred.

(Material needed)

1. curriculum vitae and autobiography
2. a photocopy of education and working experience diploma (any foreign diploma
 should be verified in advance by the overseas office, Republic of China (Taiwan)
3. publication list
4. a statement of teaching interests with course outlines
5. previous teaching portfolio/outlines
6. two letters of recommendation

For the application of our new fulltime positions, the interested applicants please make a hard copy of your curriculum vitae. Compose this hard copy, as well as the forms accompanying “The Procedure of Teachers ' Employment and Promotion ” and e-mail the package to the department/course you are to apply.
Please notify the unit/department, instead of any individual receiver, on the envelop for your delivery. The address of our university is: 250 Wu-Xing Street, Taipei City, Taiwan.

Applications should be submitted to  by 17:00 GMT+8, Oct 31, 2019; please direct questions to Ms. Su